Acrylic cleaning and repair questions-please read

I just recieved a free 75gal acrylic tank w/ built in corner overflow. Anyway, it came in really bad shape. The tank is encrusted in coralline and has a TON of scratches. Can anyone reccomend how I should go about getting the coralline off? I have it soaking in a bleach/water mix right now. Also, will the scratches be fixable?

Thanks, Travis
you can clean the coraline off with any old scraper. As far as the tank you can buff those scratches out. I have glass so I can't give you exact steps but if you look around on this site there are posts on how todo it.
I actually filled my old 60G up w/ tap water (from garden hose) and dropped in 1G of vinegar to let soak overnight. Next morning, all the coralline was soft and gooey. It came off easily with my old credit card (one easy pass).