Acrylic Repair

I have a hang on back overflow that was damaged while moving. It's nothing that supports weight or holds water so I'm not too worried about strength, so I'd like to fix it rather than replace. Is there any cement that I could use to fix this that I might find locally? All the stuff online seems like it will take 2-3 weeks minimum to get here and I don't really want to wait that long.

The part that broke is a corner of the lip that sits inside the tank and the black overflow screws to so it stays in place. This is where that plastic screw attaches, otherwise I might just go without it. I do have extra acrylic to brace if needed. I also have a canopy so it doesn't need to look pretty.


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Super glue is amazing for a lot of things. I'd try the gel form to avoid drips.


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Weld-on is what you want to use. 4 is thinner than water. 16 is thick like tooth paste. Both are clear. You can typicly find it locally at a plastic supply store or a sign company. Amazon also carries it.