Acrylic sump builders ?


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I will be buying a new 120 tank in a few days ( I hope, if not then 2 weeks) and I wanted to get a nice acrylic sump made. I have a few pics of what I would love to have but don't know of anyone that is good at building sumps at a resonable price. I thought about asking Melev if he could do it but I thought I would ask here ot see if anyone has had anything acrylic made and by who.
Melev built mine... excellent work and changed the design to fit my specs at the time. The only negative was the shipping, but I imagine that the weight and shape had a lot to do with it. :D

8Ball is a wizard with acrylic... anyone who can build a hex sump can build anything :)
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8Ball is a wizard with acrylic... anyone who can build a hex sump can build anything :)

A agree with ya there :)

Im not brave enough to do it myself. Maybe if it was something not holding 30+g of water. I can't make a straight cut on wood LOL
Haha Thanx not sure about wizard but I am getting better ;)

Opiy With Acrylic you have to make all your cuts almost Perfect.. You for sure have to have a good tablesaw and a router table or atleast a handheld router.. Plus a few other tools.. But the glue joints are pretty easy if your cuts are staight and clean.. Thats another thing you would need some weld on #3 or 4 and a tube of #16. Your interests say woodworking so you probably have most of the tools. Haha but I understand you not wanting to flood your house!! :)

Sorry to say I dont really have the time to build another Acrylic sump right now.. I probably could in a few weeks.. Got a couple of small projects to get done.. Then I'm moving my shop to my other Garage!! More space for more tools mahaha.. CAN't wait to get started moving everything around but I wont be able to work on pretty much anything while thats going on.. But after I'll have a great place to tinker!!! If you do try to build your own and have questions I'd be happy to try and answer them.

I dont have many of the MAIN wood working tools yet like the table saw, jointer, and router lol. I have to stick to very simple projects taht can be done with a jigsaw :lol:

If I stop spending my extra money on aquarium I could have the table saw :rolleye1:
I've got a Decent Ryobi Model BTS15 I'd sell cheap! I need the space.. I only used it about 4 times.. I got it cause its light weight Aluminum and portable..Its a pretty good saw for what it is. I just dont ever use it. I've got a large cast iron saw for use in the shop... That thing weights about 300 pounds!!

This is a picture I found that a guy posted of his sump he made. Don't remember name but I liked this design but its basically the same as melevs Model E


This is the link to melevs site with more pics.

BTW I have my eye on a Grizzly table saw but if I didn't plan to get me a bigger tank I would have bought it.

I dont know exact size though. Might have to get back with ya on that.
That layout is easy enough and a good design.. But the Model E on Melev's site would not be a good choice.. Atleast not that size.. The inlet needs to be much bigger.. It would be better off having a smaller return section and a larger inlet/skimmer section.. You want to run your skimmer on the inlet side not the Return side.. Couple reason.. One its better for the skimmer to pickup the water before baffles to help keep stuff from settling in the sump.. Also Skimmers can run in different water levels But the level needs to stay the same once you set your skimmer.. If the water level goes up and down the skimmer simpley doesn't work as well. But that layout With another 8"added to the length would work well.. Its a good idea to shoot for a min of 12"x12" inlet/skimmer section..

Grizzly makes great Table saws.. You would/will like it I'm sure. I plan on getting another table saw soon.. Here is what I want!!! PowerMatic Model 64 A

Yea that same size I don't know about. I just know its going to be roughly around 20"x 40" inside the stand to work with I assume. I just liked that layout, it was much better than the previous sump I had.

The skimmer I was thinking of getting would either be the ASM ( think thats the name) G3 or 4 OR the small euroreef think cs 5-3 the one that is around $250 I think the both have around a 10x10" footprint.

And I also don't have a clue what size return pump I would need either. Maybe Mag9

Thats going to be an awesome saw !
Uhh the G4 has a bigger footprint then 10x10... I've got one.. Its more like 12x16"! A ASM G2 is 12x13 I've got both of those they work great!

I'd actually go a touch larger than the footprint... mine is a few inches larger and I still had to squeeze in the pipes when I did the gate valve mod on the ASM G-2. If I ever do the recirculating, it'll be that much more room for the second pump.

I just keep reminding myself, my first tank will be perfect until my lottery investment pays off.
I saw the G3 and G4 today in AD and yea WOW they are very large skimmers !

I have a skimmer question so ima make a new thread so I don't mess this one up.
FWIW... If you just need the acrylic cut and want to assemble it yourself, I would be glad to cut the parts on a CNC. If this would help just let me kow
hey 8ball how much for the table saw?? man wish i was setup i'd build that sump for that guy just too much going on right now.
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hey 8ball how much for the table saw?? man wish i was setup i'd build that sump for that guy just too much going on right now.

100$ with blade...Its in great shape. Like I said only used it a few times.. Its been setting in the shop with stuff all around it ever since!