Acrylic tank from Gen @ Kritter Tanks


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Hi All,

I'm interested in ordering an acrylic tank (preferably from a local tank maker in Bay Area). I've been out of reefing hobby for 6 yrs and decided to step back into freshwater plants tank. I recalled reading about Gen @ Kritter Tanks from this group. Want to check if you guys have any experience from him (if he's still making tanks) or if you have any recommendations.

Thank you


I tried emailing him 3 years ago and he never replied. He built a tank for me about 25 years ago.
I heard he was only doing commercial builds, but I'm not sure.
Good luck.


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Gen's a good guy and does good work. He's built a tank and sump for me way back when. Good for him if he's doing commercial now. He built himself up from his days working for Nippon. If you can get a hold of him, he does good work


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Dochou & tbone28: Happy New Year and thank you for your responses.
Yea, I can see it's good to go to Commercial side of the business. Will try to email him and find out (fingers crossed).

I saw a tank that was sold in Craigslist. It's built by Gen; a 50 gallon with a built filtration/bioballs in the back. It's the type & size that I'm looking for as I'm using it for a freshwater plant tank (easier to clean and hide equipments in the back).


I'm still running a 150 gallons tank built by Gen around 2009. He builds commercial tanks but was doing personal tanks on the side. Not sure if he still does. Super awesome guy.