actinics shift to red spectrum?


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Basically I have green hair growing in my tank.
<li>I run tons of rowaphos in a phosban reactor
<li>I only feed twice a week
<li>I got new halides
<li>There is nothing in my sump except chaeto and a 150 octopus skimmer. No live rock or live sand anywhere in the sump (so there is no deitritus leaching phosphates in the water)
<li>I have tested my phosphates with the expensive ($100) deltec test kit and they are showing below 0.03
<li>All of this and yet i still have green hair algae growing like mad in spots but slowly.
So i step back and think about it and the only thing that is really old are the VHO actinics I am running for supp. I dont really see the point in replacing them as often as halides because its blue and thought there is no red specturm. Is it possible that these shift to the red spectrum like other lights and thats what could be possibly be encouring the slow growth of the gha?