actnics 24 hours


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Hey guys I got a couple mushrooms to try in my tank. At night when my L.E.D.s are on the mushrooms get real small. I was thinking about leaving the actnics on 24 hours at night with the l.e.d.s.



The mushrooms are fine thats normal for them. Mine shrink up every night. If you leave your actinics on for 24 hours a day you will just burn out the bulbs faster.


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To leave your leds on at night is fine....that is what I do, but I would not suggest leaving on the actinics.... too much light all of the time could cause algae or other problems. All of my mushrooms shrink by 80% or so at night after the lights are off as does all of my other corals. It is perfectly normal...


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I agree, I think the key to this hobby is to emulate nature as much as possible... normal lighting schedule, steady temps, salinity, PH, etc..

I've seen mixed reviews on having your fuge light on 24/7, right now I'm testing leaving it on 24/7 to see if my macro grows better. To my surprise the bugs in my fuge seem to have adjusted to the 24/7 light... I know in my my tank the pods/worms only come out when its dark.

Maybe you should test it out and let us know your findings :)