Add a Yellow Wrasse (Halichoeres chrysus)


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I would like to add this fish to get some nice yellow in the tank,plus I like that it eats a vermetids and tube worms. I currently have a Possum, Lubbocks, Red Head Salon and Melanurus Wrasses. I will also be adding a trio of either Bartletts or Lyretail Anthias at the same time.

Does anyone foresee problems among the wrasses or other fish (see signature line)


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As of right now, he bothers no other fish, just kind of does his own thing, picking at everything in his path.


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If you have trouble it would be from the melanurus.

My thoughts as well. I have a yellow in with a Red-lined and Dusky Halichores, a possum, 4 fairies and a flasher (with a bunch of other fish).

The yellow is a very mellow fish and gets along with everyone else.


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To follow up until a tank move mishap I had a terminal male chrysarus and melanurus together with no issues.


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I think you will be ok, but IME, my melanurus killed my yellow wrasse and my scotts wrasse in my 120 before I upgraded. With a 180 and plenty of rockwork, I think you will be fine.


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I tried adding one and it dove. Came out twice. Dove again as soon as I would approach. The. I just never saw it again.

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