Adding a six line, will it go after clown eggs?


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I have a pair of clowns constantly laying eggs. It's in a corner of a tank that is surrounded by a big zoa colony on a rock so it is fairly well protected. I've had a six line before but this was before the mated pair of clowns started doing their thing.
Reason for wanting a six line is to keep coral eating bugs in check.

Ideas? Tank is a 40 breeder. Other fish = 3 green chromis and yellow tank



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Generally I don't see any reason why it shouldn't work.
The clownfish may keep the sixline out of their corner, but I don't think that they will go on an all out attack.

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It might try but mated clowns tend to defend their territory pretty well. I wouldn't imagine the wrasse would have success stealing the eggs even if he were to try.

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