Adding corals


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As Some of you know I am new I am not ready to add anything to my tank yet maybe some cleaners ..

All my friends tell me I am nuts sw fish are too hard But I am going to try .I wanted to steer clear of the corals cause I hear how hard it is. BUt I see all the potos Of fish Living in the corals So I am assuming I am going ot buy them. Now so I can start looking into them can anyone suggest some starter corals easy to maintain until I get a foothold on the hobby.

I am looking to get basic fish like clowns and some other colorful stuff . But all the photos I see have the clowns lying in the corals look like spaghetti

Of course like anyone else I would like some colorful


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There are lots of corals that are good to start out with.

Green Star Polyps
Soft Corals (leathers, toadstools, etc)

As far as the clowns hosting in things, clowns may or may not host in just about anything. Euphylias (Torch coral, Hammer coral, Frogspawn) are great corals, they're fairly easy to keep, and are a good alternative to an anemone. As I said though, just because you have them in your tank with clowns does not guarentee that they will host in them.

You can look through a site like liveaquaria to figure out what you like, then do some research to find out what the care requirements are. And of course, you can always ask questions here.

Hope this helps. :thumbsup: