adding live sand


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I have a 46bow with 40lbs of live sand in it, and I have thought about adding about another ten. I didn't do things right, and my sand really is no longer live. I have stirred it up too much honestly. There are little to no worm holes, etc. However, I believe the nitrifying bacteria are still alive as I see air, well nitrate bubbles i think, rising up occasionally. Anyways, I was wondering how in the world I am supposed to add this sand without making the water totally cloudy. I remember when I first added the sand, and you couldnt see two inches into the tank. I think i remember something about putting the sand in a cup and taking it to the bottom and slowly dumping it. Is this about the best way? Thanks for the advice!
yep good plan anything that is a idea off of this tech is good. just try to bring it to place rather than dump it . cup thing is good. youll still have cloady water after no way around that. just add a little as it will seed your old sand if things are right with the tank.
I believe things are right with the tank...low nitrates, no ammonia, no nitrites. Never tested for phosphates though...Everything seems to be doing great. I just had a sand sifting star in there and about three times a powerhead came unatached and scattered about half the bed. What could not be right with the tank to prevent the new sand from seeding the old?
sand sifter stars are bad for live sand! they are predators too it and kill eveything in it. id get rid of that first off!
Oh I know. Hes already gone. The only thing that will sift the sand now is some hermits, turbos, and two nassarius snails