Adding rock anemones


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Hello all! I ordered some rock flower anemones to add to my tank and have been reading about them. When I find a good place to put them, do I just place them against the rock and they’ll grab on? Do I need to pick them up a certain way? Any advice would be helpful!


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I've found it best to set them gently between two rocks. It can take a few minutes for one to decide to gab ahold of something and as they inflate their boyancy is almost neutral so the slightest current can push them around. You may occasionally find one that just won't garb anything and ends up a long way from where you want it. and like many animals they also will crawl around to find their happy spot.


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Turn flow off.
Place gently on rock.
Wait, say, 1 hour.
Turn on flow.

From there, maybe he stays, maybe not.
They don’t move much once happy.
Very easy.

Love a target feed here and there.