Adding sand to an already existing tank? Possible?


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Want to add another 2 inches of sand or so guys. Is this possible? I currently have 3 snails, 3 sandsifters, green button polyps and a cubicus boxfish. I beleive I will be getting rid of the boxfish to prevent any issues with "poisoning" as I add more coral and a pair of clowns.


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how deep is your sand now? If you're trying to lay down a DSB it's not really worth it in tanks as small as ours. Dr. Ron was of the opinion that 75-100 was kind of the lower end for DSBs to be effective. He suggested that I have enough sand for benthic life to live in - 2" or so, and just "recharge" it each year with a seeding of livesand and/or worms from another reeftank.