adding sand to existing system?


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I am planning to add sand back into my currently BB 75g reef. I have 80lbs of caribsea aroganite that I will add (2/3 white and 1/3 black sand).

my main question is, will the following course of action be okay...

1) wash all sand using tap water
2) take out 20g of water from system
3) move corals to a 5g bucket filled with water
3) take out all the rock and store dry in bins while sand is added cup by cup
4) once sand has been added, re-aquascape rocks
5) add corals back into tank
6) top off with fresh water

I am hoping to put the sand in tonight, and then plan to get my CUC tomorrow or tuesday (will be getting 20 nass snails, 20 ceriths, probably a sand sifting goby, and possibly a sand sleeping wrasse).



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I'd keep the rock wet so as to prevent die-off and possible recycle which could harm your corals.[well, how long are you keeping it out of the tank?] once you add fish, you might consider beefing up the cuc with more of each type of snail, some limpets and a chiton or two

other than that I think you've got a good plan


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I would say the rocks would be out of the tank for a max of 15min, probably closer to 10. have done it before w/o problems.

thanks for the responce! I do have fish already ( a lamarcks angel, a LMB, and a pink skunk clown) though. I'll get 5 more of each type of snail, I think, and then see how everything is from there. I also have 12ish astrea snails, 6-12 blue leg hermits, two serpent stars, and countless tiny hitchiker limpets that eat algae.