Adding to an order?


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I placed an order yesterday (Fri.) that will ship Monday for Tues. delivery. I wanted to add to that order but was told I could not because the order was already sent to the shipping facility? I would think you should have good communication between your shipping facility and where your orders come in to get that done without complication.

I'm wondering if this is normal procedure or if it is because what I originally ordered is from the divers den and what I wanted to add was not?


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Thank you for your post. Due to the high volume of orders handled on a daily basis, we are normally unable to add items to orders once they have processed. However, as we would like to ensure the best customer service possible, please contact us by PM, by phone at 1-800-334-3699, or by email at so that we may discuss your options for having additional items shipped.

Nate M.
Drs. Foster & Smith