Additional floor support needed?


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I am putting in an 180 gallon (2x6) aquarium with a 55 gallon sump in my office. It will weigh approximately 2500 lbs.

Under the back of the tank is a concrete wall supporting one end of the floor joists, which span 8 feet to a 2x10 beam through the center of the room. The floor joists are 2x8, and run perpendicular to the aquarium. They are spaced 12" on center (i asked the builder to make them closer than 16).

Am I OK as is? Or is more support needed?


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I have a 100 gallon tank (bowfront, so really one 36"x36"x36" lump) in a similar situation next a concrete block wall below, and with the basement unfinished below (my sump is down there), I can say the joists and floor still look subfloor is kitty-angled to the joists and of just about the same dimensions of wood. [Built in 1954.] You can always 'sister' the joists (if you can reach them) but if they look sound, I'd trust them while taking a periodic look at them.