Advice for new 50 gal build


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I am currently running a 30 gallon tall system with a 10ish gallon sump. The tank is fine, the stand is not. Regardless, I have to break down my current system to deal with the stand. I'd like to take the opportunity to set up a new tank. I'll probably focus on mostly LPS or softies, haven't decided which yet.

Here are my current plans:
- SCA 50 gallon tank and stand only (not the PNP)
- Fiji 15 or 20 advanced sump (whichever fits better in the stand)
- SCA 301 skimmer (currently on existing system)
- Sicce 3.0 return pump
- Reef Breeder Photon 16
- MP10

Questions for the peanut gallery:
1) I've decided that the SCA tanks are a better fit for me than the Red Sea systems, because I can buy less from SCA and customize the system to my liking. Any good reasons to reconsider the Red Sea Reefer systems?

2) I like the Fiji sumps because they don't include an ATO reservoir; that seems like a waste of space in a sump that this small. The locations of the socks/floss and skimmer would seem to make maintenance easier. Anyone love or hate the Fiji sumps? Is this a worthwhile upgrade from the glass SCA sumps that come with their PNP systems?

3) SCA sells Ecotech products as an add-on purchase. I'm likely getting an MP10 for circulation. I could also get a Radion XR15W G4 Pro light (instead of the Reef Breeders). I have used one of the early Reef Breeders lights for the last 10 years and have been happy with it. Any reason to go with the more expensive Radion?

4) Lastly, if anyone is running an SCA 50 gallon (or similar size), I'd love to see how you set up your plumbing and sump.