Advice needed, 55 to 90 gallon upgrade


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So I'm preparing to move everything over from my 4 year old 55 gallon to a new 90 gallon system.

The 90 is rigged, freshwater tested and ready to go. My question is about adding additional rock and substrate.

I have approx. 80lbs of live substrate and 60lbs of rock in the 55g. I won't be adding any new livestock to the 90g for a while after it is set up.

Can I get away with adding 40lbs more non-live substrate and 40lbs more "dead" rock when I set up the 90g?
She's a Berlin style reef with a refugium.


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As for the non-live substrate... you need to be careful not to trap any detritus after the transfer. I would clean the old substrate and add it to the top of the new substrate.
I don't really know what you mean by "dead" rock. If it is man made there is going to be a cycle for this rock. I would try to add some "cured" LR in instead.
No matter which way you go there is going to be a mini cycle. I added 40lbs of Dry Aragonite to my BB tank and there was a small cycle.
For the cycle you could try using something like Dr. Tims Nitrifying Bacteria. It has good reviews.

If it were me I would use the 55 as a holding tank for the fish, coral and inverts as the 90g setup goes through its cycle. Just my 02 cents.


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No man made rock. Probably just dried old live rock. Haven't really decided on that part yet but nothing man made or mined.

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just seed the dry rock with some live rock from your current tank and it'll be fine. you can do the same with your sand, just take a couple cups of your live sand from your current tank and seed the 'dead' sand. just choose a reef safe good 'dead' substrate and good porous and lightweight 'dead' rock.

+1 on being careful with your old sand. rinse it well. you'll know you need to rinse it because once you turn it all up it will likely stink!


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Obviously I will need to rinse with saltwater. That sounds like a lot of water though. How could I handle that? Just make up a lot of new saltwater?


When I did my upgrade, I kept the old tank awhile for my livestock while the new one cycled. I considered keeping the old sand, but figured it was too much trouble.

I seeded the new tank w/ some live sand & rock, & dosed w ammonia for awhile. After cycle was done I added in the rest of my live rock & livestock. I had no deaths.