advice needed for upgrade


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I am in process of turning my FOWLR to a "reef" type set up. I run a low sg right now at 1.021. I don't have a lot of flow at the moment and have ordered pumps. I need to re-scape the tank as well since it's just pretty much a wall of random rock at this point so I get better flow throughout.

My rock has a lot of detrius buildup even though I baste it pretty regularly with the good 'ole turkey baster method. So, to my questions, I will be doing water changes to slowly increase my salinity. 1) What is your recommendation on how much to increase per change and am I correct that I should do this slowly? I was planning on doing 10% water changes (54 gallon tank) - probably about every 2-3 days until I raise it to 1.025. I'm planning on cleaning off my rock during the first change pretty thoroughly (with a tooth brush to really get the detrius off) and I probably will have to take out some rock because I really think I have too much to allow me to scape it correctly. 2) By removing rock, is that going to upset the biological filter markedly? My rock is very well established.

All input welcome please :confused: