Advice needed on DYI Rock wall


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I did a DYI rockwall with DYI agrocrete and PH was spiking very high in the beginning. At one point I got fed up and I coated 2 part epoxy over the agrocrete and was hoping that would fix the leeching problem. Only problem was that I did put epoxy over the agrocrete but did not manage to seal it 100%. Long story short, the agrocrete never stop leeching. At this moment the PH max out at approx. 9.15. If I leave my powerhead on it'll drop to about 8.5. If I have my return pump and powerhead on, my PH is at approx 7.8 - 7.9
It has been 8 months since it was put together. I have been doing constant water change and the PH hasn't shown much improvement for the last 2 weeks. I would like to have a second opinion if I should keep waiting or it seems to be safe to move my fish and corel over. Much apprecitated for your advice.