advice on feeding sexy shrimp

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I used to feed mine OSI sinking pellets, and they would scavenge for uneaten flakes. There are invertebrate foods on the market these days.


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Mine are happy to go after enriched brine or mysis, but I am sure they would eat pellets as well.

I love how they move about the tank. It is like they are little astonauts, the way they hop from coral to coral. Only bad thing is that they will steal food from coral.


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I have three and they are great fun. I watched one do a back flip yesterday. I think they're small enough to do quite well on leftovers, but now and then I shoot them a little something when I'm target feeding.


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Mine will feed on any larger items. Mine live on a diet of pellets, blood worms, and mysis. For a long time they wouldn't venture off the rock onto the sand to pick up the pellets. I guess they got braver because now the graze on the sand regularly.

Note that when they were new and didn't get enough I would catch them picking at coral.


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i have them in a tank that they are actually the focus... the corals in there are just tiny frags (its a pico tank) from my main display tank.... if they ate them all it would be

i was thinking about puting a pom pom crab in there too... is there any reason they wouldnt get along.. i havent read anything negative about that combo....