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Hello All,

I am new to RC, and kind of new to saltwater. I tried saltwater 2 years ago and I could not keep fish alive due to ICH, and I didn't have the patience, so I went back to freshwater. Well, I decided to come back to saltwater because of the beautiful species of fish and corals that saltwater provides. My wife encouraged me to come back to saltwater also. Long story short, I need some advice on my stocklist, whether it's good or bad. My equipment consist of 120 gallon (4x2x2) with 30 gallon sump, Aqua Euro USA Classic 250skimmer, 200 micron socks, and 100lbs of live rock(so far, plan to add more). The tank has been setup and running about 3.5 months now with no fish. Also have 20 gallon long QT, with a Cascade 700 canister filter. Both tanks are running Rea Sea Pro Salt at 1.025, 8.3 PH, and 76 degrees. My wishlist is as follows:

1. Coral Beauty Angel
2. Spotbanded Butterfly
3. Flame Hawkfish
4. Foxface
5. Kole Tang
6. Yellow Tang
7. Melanurus Wrasse
8. Flame Angel
9. Bluethroat Trigger
10. Midas Blenny

I know the rule of thumb is you cannot have the best of both worlds, it's either FOWLR or Reef Tank. With this stocklist, I wanted to also know if I could get away with adding couple LPS and Mushrooms just for a little color and movement along the rocks. Research said Butterflies will eat all corals and Flame Angels are hit or miss with corals. Also will I be able to add a clean-up crew to this mix. Thank you all for your advice and inputs.


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there is a sticky at the top of the thread page where you can put down your intended fish and our resident expert will let you know if they are a good match