Advice please on adding powerhead to aquarium for circulation


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Recently setup a Waterbox Frag tank.

Tank is 4 feet long, 23.5 wide and 16 deep. Currently running a Sicce SDC 7.0 return pump on minimum which is rated around 800 gph. I really hate cords in the tank and would like to only do 1 pump/powerhead to increase flow and help with detritus removal etc. Was looking at doing either an Icecap Gyre 2k or 4k mounted in the center of the tank on the overflow. That way it will blow across the width of the aquarium in the center before hitting the front glass. Hopefully the front glass will diverge the flow enough to cover the left and ride sides of the tank before returning back up the center mounted Gyre?

Anyone have any opinions/advice on my preferred placement will work for my expectations and if so which pump to go with (1 2k or 1 4k)?


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It sort of depend on your rocks work and placement of corals also. At one time I did have 2 x 1" sea swirl on my return, 4 x MP60 and MP40 and still seem like I have dead spot