advice re components of new marine tank


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Hi all
Getting closer now !! Figured out size and postion of tank now hoping for advice re setup.

Setting up a 6 x 2 x 2.5ft marine tank with rock, soft coral and fish.
Sump will be 4ft.

Tank: 6(L) x 2(d) x 2.5(h)ft
skimmer: deltec sc2060
circulation pump: tunze 6105 x 2
cirulation pump: multicontroller 7095
heater: jager 300w x 2
lighting: 2x LED strips each with 36 globes( white /blue)
calcium: deltec km500
return pump: aquamedic ocean runner 6500
automatic feeder Eheim
auto water topup: tunze osmolator 3155
will get about 100kg live rock

All above do a great job ?? Realise will always be personal preference.
Do I need a chiller ?(live in Melbourne, Australia)
Anything else left out ??

Thanks greatly to all.


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sounds like a good setup to me. From what i see in your setup, I dont think a chiller will be necessary. look forward to seeing this setup an running.


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test kits, refractometer, rodi unit, ATO

chiller will depend on alot of things but I would hold off on it for now. you will know if you need one when your cycling, and then I would try fans blowing over the sump before buying a chiller

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chiller is something u will have to see when tank is running. keep eye on temp. led lights that u may have are good for fish only tanks but if u are going to keep anything more than few soft corals u may wanna go with better light system.


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Hi Bnumair

Hi Bnumair

What do you mean by better lights ??
Thought two lots of 36x LED's would be enough. Need more or other?
Hope to have around 10 fish and many soft corals.

thanks !!