Afamous 40g breeder 4 chamber diy sump build


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Figured I would share my build with you guys :bounce3:

Had this baby lying around for a bit now and figured i needed to do what it was 1st intended for. The upgrade to my sump. Bumbs me out using this tank for a sump - now - and have contimplated hitting up for another cheap 40gb but even as a DT you would still loose the coolness of the background in most cases anyways.

I have looked into a few different designs and really like the 4 chamber - return in the middle design. I like having a drain into 1st chamber and want to incorperate how the pro's do it having the drain hit the 1st chamber and overflowing into the socks which enters into the skimmer and equiptment chamber. I am wanting to incorperate adjustable baffles off both sides coming into the center return chamber also so will be using acrylic for my baffles so I can mess around with them. Also watched a video and saw someone using
Premium Durability "EPDM" rubber(marine & auto all climate rubber weatherseal) to put baffles in instead of silicone. They are removable and I am seriously thinking about trying this out - anyone know of or have thoughts on that part??

I am thinking doing a 1st chamber that is around a couple inchs to supply enough room to run the drains into and have 1 of my 2 heaters attached accrossed the bottom from front to back. This will make it easy to siphon out all the gunk that gets trapped in the bottom and help keep my sump clean. Than having a drain set up high on the first chamber wall draining into a sock which is located in the 2nd chamber where I will have my skimmer and cal rx pump. drains from reactors will also enter this chamber.
I will end this chamber with an over under 2 piece baffle going into the return chamber where return pumps will be along with probes, and tunze ato
If you have a good diy probe holder link hit it up here cause im still looking.

"Off" of the return I will feed the last chamber which will be a frag area. This chamber will also have an adjustable baffle that will be set with a 2 piece over under baffle as well draining back into return chamber.(It seems the over under baffle does better at containing most bubbles with a 2 piece baffle when dealing with evaporation) Here is an idea - the blue tape represents baffle/baffles between chambers.

Also another reason going acrylic baffle is saw a cool idea to making the over under baffle for the one that needs to be raised to allow water to go underneath by cutting it like this( arrows point to where water goes under)

On both sides at the bottom you leave your spacers(just a small set on) so it rests on the bottom while installing it and still does exactly what it is supposed to do in allowing water to flow underneath. I will set these baffles with sylicone I think.

Not good with any 3-d so I drew it out cause im old school like here is my idea in the gist of it-

The circles on plumbing will be ball valves. I am also thinking of a couple gates in a spot or 2 as well. The X's are overflow safes in case of anything where a chamber blocks up it will overflow there before the

more to come still making measurments for baffles and chambers and what not but that is the idea I am going for here....I any thoughts ...ideas..etc

Am going a different direction for a fuge I am thinking and have an idea to tie one in without having to make room for it in my sump. lets hope


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Isn't Petco having their $1 per gallon sale right now? I know the one by my house is.

BTW, great looking sump design for sure. Makes me want to rethink what I have.


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Haha thanks all - ya bumbed to use it as a sump also - have always thought it would make an awesome aggressive tank with a super long low rock work(couple inchs high) a crossed the bottoms middle with 2 huge acro
cool tank but hard in any case to utilize the background even as a display I would think. Should almost flip it around so that the artwork is on the front and use it to hide an ugly


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I got the blue backing set in place for viewing side.from the room


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Finished this bad boy up laz night. What y'all think:bounce2:


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Looks good, clean work on all the baffles. I've never seen anyone else do customized backgrounds on a sump before, very unique. Fill her up!


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Thanks justin. Ya we will see if the customized works in the end - lol. Gonna do last leak test on equipment and return chamber tomorrow than she is good to go.
Here it is with the sock setup


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