Ah Haha!


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GOT HIM! i finally got the mantis out of my reef tank... it took smashing his rock, but he's out and in one piece. the final straw was that he ate one of my black ocellaris clowns. :( anyway, here are some pics of the little bugger. i believe he is a ternatensis, but please correct me if he's not. oh yeah, anyone want him?? i don't know how much he would be worth or whatever, but i guess he goes to the highest bidder :)



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Damn! Too late! :)

Very nice looking specimen you have there. Black Ocellaris' are cool as well. I would be upset too.


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It looks like a male Gonodactylaceus ternatensis, but to confirm that, you need to verify that it has orange meral spots. Occasionally a Gonodactylus smithii has very similar coloration, but it would have maroon meral spots.



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i live in citrus heights 95621 i can pick him up ....buy him off of you that way u dont have to worry about shipping how much do u want
pm me..