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So I have a 40 Gallon Breeder and I am using an AI Hydra 32 about 12 inches above the water line, I dont have any "spill over" light wise and it has complete coverage in my tank. I have a mixture of LPS and Soft corals and a rock flower anemone and some mushrooms. I have not found anybody locally that I can rent a PAR meter from and I am concerned that I am possibly blasting too much light on my tank. I basically have the Blues , violet and ultra violet set at 90% Cool white at 20% and green and Red at 5 % and 10 hrs of light a day with some moonlight and blues for about 2 hours after the sunset setting. Just curious what you guys think and if you are using this light what are your settings?

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Just posting a pic of the tank so you can get an idea. just started adding corals about 3 months ago.

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