Ai Sol Blue to Hydra 52 upgrade question


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anybody had any problems with their upgrade.

bought 2 sol to hydra52 upgrade kits 2 weeks ago and started with the 1st upgrade. Have these questions

0. the physical part of the upgrade was a breeze.

1. when i plugged the power in, the fan started working for about 5-10 secs then stopped. whether i used to controller to turn on the lights or used the red button, the fan wont restart. but when i replugged the power cable, it would turn on again for maybe 5-10 secs then stopped again.

2. the leds are really hot, as in i can't touch the lens for more than 5 secs. i'm not sure if it is related to my #1 problem.



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Sorry I don't have an answer but I have a question. Where did you find an ai sol to hydra 52 upgrade kit? I have three I'd like to upgrade.

Fudz Cwerner

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I would contact AI. They have top notch customer service. Make sure that your lights are running the most up to date firmware. The controller should tell you if it needs it or not.


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The fans are controlled by the temp. They won't run unless the heat sink is warm. The initial run of the fans is like a quick check pretty much.