Ai Sol Setting ?


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I sold my T5 fixture so I am temporarily setting up my two new Ai Sols on my 72 mixed reef until I can do the switch over to my new 110 Reef Savvy.

My question is I have the lights sitting on 3/4" couplings right on the glass and I have no clue where to start with the intensity settings. The tank is mainly softies and LPS and just a couple of SPS. I don't want to fry anything but I also don't want to starve them for light. Where should I start?????

Thanks in advance.

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if ur corals have never been exposed to LED's then start at white upto 30 blue upto 30 and rb upto 30. then increase 5% every 2 weeks. i run mine at max 55%


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You need to factor the distance the lights are off the surface of the water

I have a short canopy and my white setting never goes above 20% at peak

I am still experimenting. I only have LPS and even at this setting I can not put them too high in the tank. i am getting ready to try a few SPS towards the top

I like this post

I am curious what other settings people use considering

1) SPS / LPS
2) height of canopy / distance from water
3) what does your peak duration (mid day) look like (e.g.) 2 hours w 20% b 50% rb 40%


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My tank:
1. SPS dominated with LPS and softies
2. 13" above waterline
3. W 85%, B 100%, RB 100% peak duration 3 hours