Aipstasia another thread... another tank


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hi all,

Need some input... Aipstasia took over my tank some time ago.. Im now on the mission of recovering it...

A couple of months ago I added a peppermint shrimp with no luck, I guess he's the wrong kind of species...

3 weeks ago I added a copperband no luck as well... I started trying to feed the copperband to keep him alive and he's been around but aipstasia is still blooming...

Any other ideas? I have tried boiling rocks but some of them have corals on them so its not a real solution...


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"a peppermint shrimp" seldom works. people that report peppermints getting the chore done tend to put in at least 6 at once. i did this each time i had an outbreak in tanks and they devoured it. generally if just one will eat it then the others get greedy and start eating it as well.

make sure you are assisting them by killing the adults with Aip-X or a similar solution... Aip-X worked great for me. peppermints seem to mainly eat young Aip's.

Filefish will do good damage as well.


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Thanks Spar... I'll look in to killing the big guys with AipX and also see if I can get my hands on some more peppermint... I wasnt aware it worked that way... If they ate the young ones I would be soooo happy hahaha big guys I can handle since there many but the little Aips are all over the place burning corals


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I had 4 peppermint shrimp in a 55 gal tank, and nuked my big aiptasia with joe's juice.. still no luck. maybe I just needed to add more shrimp till they started eating it. I got rid of that rock back in 2006. Sold it to the LFS before I moved over 1,000 miles.