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Hey Jay, does your aiptaser work on polyps too? I have some that have snuck into a spot I don't want them to be.


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Aiptaser will work on polyps as well. And for critters that live in nooks and crannies of the live rock (and withdraw into same when you try to tase them)... I mix up a runny paste of calcium hydroxide (aka Kalkwasser, aka Mrs. Wages Pickling Lime, available at Kroger's in the canning section). Turn off the pumps/water circulators in your tank first, then inject the paste over the critter with a syringe. Leave on for 15 - 30 min before turning your water flow back on.

I'll bring several Aiptasers for sale to the Frag Swap.


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Mr Saltburns (don't see your real name on the RC decoder post), it really is simple to make. As Jay said, just buy some Wages Pickling Lime and you will have enough for a lifetime. If fact, Pam gave me a bunch a year or so ago when I bought a coral from her. I have used it several times and have not made a dent in it.

1. 1 tsp. pickling lime - food grade calcium hydroxide
2. 2 tbls. tap water.

You do not have to be precise, just make add a small amount of the powder in a bowl and add a little water and mix. Then keeping adding a little water until it looks like toothpaste. If you get too much water, just add a little more powder .....easy...easy..easy. I had a left over syringe from an old AipX or something that I use.