Aiptasia control for nem tanks


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Well Now that i won the battle with cyano. It seems i am losing the war with aiptasia. :(
I have tried kalk paste to no avail it seems to only spread the fire. For every one i kill 5 more pop up. AGHHH Been buying pepps but they only end up nem food before they get a chance to eat the aiptasia. They are spreading quickly now and i have to act quick or have a tank full of them. I am afraid of the file fish i wont chance that fish eating my haddoni's.

Are berghia nudi's a threat?? I am leery of them once they eat all the aips they will go after my nems. I have the mojano wand, But I cant reach everywhere in the tank. I love using it, But theres patches of them that i cannot reach.


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I read on that berghias die once the aiptasia is gone, not sure if it is correct


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berghia have the best chance of harvesting all aiptasia. copperbands just pull the whool over the sheeps eyes as do shrimp and other natural prey. No berghia do not go after nems!


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I just picked up a matted filefish about a week ago, and he wiped out all my aiptasia. I heard they were reef safe, but he has now moved onto another tank with an aiptasia issue.
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