Aiptasia Eating Berghia Nudibranchs


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I was surfing around Fragswapper and seen that someone is taking orders for them $15.00 each. Did anyone ever get any when we were talking about a group buy? Do they work? Any issues with them?


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There was talk of doing that not to long ago but I dont know if they followed through. Anyway I have heard if you put them in your tank they are going to multiply so we should just have someone have a nudibranch farm. Would save a lot of money.


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i need a couple. I cant seem to keep peppermints from ending up in my overflow :( joes juice isent working either, just stunting theyre growth lol


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Was it for the C-Sea swap? I'd like a couple and have a tank they might just multiply in... Probably have to ditch my SureFlos though...



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yes tim there is a guy on fragswapper for the c-sea swap that is trying to get some together if enough people sign up


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Waste of money!!!!

Waste of money!!!!

Please don't waste your money. Learn from my loss of $125 on these critters.

Last year I tried the berghia without any long term success. I just didn't throw them in my tank and hope for the best, but did a lot of advance research, and went through very careful steps. Such as setting up a seperate tank with limewood airstones for filtration (so that the nudis wouldn't get shredded in a pump), and doing partial water changes every couple days.

I'd hoped to rotate aip infested rocks after the nudis had cleaned them off every few days. It didn't quite work out that way. They did eat quite a few (maybe 75%) over the course of a week, but there was always some they wouldn't look at no matter how long the rock was left in the tank.

The did lay little sprial strings of eggs, which I harvested with a turkey baster and transferred to the main tank on numerous occasions. But that apparently did nothing to get a stable population going.

After probably three months of laboriously rotating rocks and seeding the main tank with eggs, I finally broke the nudi tank down and put them in the tank. My fear that they would get shredded in a pump must have quickly occurred. After the first 48 hours I never saw them again, and the aip population bounced back worse than it was when I started a couple months later.

Here's your solution = I bought a small copperband butterfly, and never had a single aip in less than a week. You might want to try that approach. Much less expensive, faster, and (at least in my experience) highly effective.


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I'll second the copperband butterfly thought. I know they can be hit or miss with eating aiptasia (and for that matter, can be hit or miss with getting to eat prepared foods), but the one I got from Phishy about two months ago has been great so far. No aiptasia at all left in my tank (although I actually didn't have that many to begin with), and it has even taken care of the majanos I had.


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Thanks Ron I guess I missed that one...

Maybe a CB is the better idea... not as much chance of getting shredded:eek1:

I really thought I was doing pretty good with the kalk paste until I started looking around with an LED flashlight the other night and I have more of the little SOBs that I thought... Dunno if it was the LED or just the angle of the light but they showed up better that way...



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i've also heard that if you hava peppermint shrimp in the tank they will eat the berghia nudis.