Aiptasia Outbreak


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I have been battling an aiptasia outbreak for 6 months now and I am loosing the war.
See picture.
35gal, pretty much FOWLR. Only other items are cheato, BTA, pulsing xenia, and green star polyp.
Things I have tried:
AiptasiaX - works great but over the course of two weeks used the whole bottle and was only a temporary reprieve.
Peppermint shrimp - have had 3 for about 3-4 months. They don’t seem to be the solution in my tank.

Any ideas? As it is all over the rocks and even the sand bed too.


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Two large bottles of Aptasia X (500ml) and a syringe with long 1/16” clear ridge tube.
Once a week only, took 6 months but they are all gone.
You must be persistent, keep your solution close, and hit every time you see one.
You’ll win in the end.


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Aiptasia-eating filefish, aka the matted filefish. Will work well in your 35 gallon, and your aiptasia will slowly disappear.

With that concentration, you could also try Berghia nudibranches - buy six or so, and you won't see them for several months, but "suddenly," you'll have less aiptasia.



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Thanks for the advice. Seems like prices have gone up for everything but here in Canada the LFS sells the 60ml AiptasiaX for $27.
That pretty much is the price of a Nudi and the filefish goes for $40.
Given how much the chemical route will cost (and require constant vigilance) I think I am going to try biological this time.
Thanks for the advice and weighing in!

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With that big of an outbreak, and that size tank, I'd just do a re-do. Otherwise I'd recommend A LOT of peppermint shrimp - like 10. I've tried the nudibranchs. They're so expensive, I didn't get enough, so they didn't work out. The filefish works pretty well, but goes after other, desirable inverts too. So I removed it and the aiptasia came right back. Peppermints you can just add and forget. A couple months later and you'll be like,"didn't I used to have aiptasias?"

Good luck!