Alarm Chirping


Hello Roger,
I have a Stream 6100. I cleaned the calcium off of the unit by soaking it in vinegar and have it looking almost as good as new but when I plug it back in it runs fine for about 10-15 sec then the alarm chirps at me, not a constant buzz but just beep beep beep.

Any idea what the problem might be?

A calcium deposit somewhere you didn't notice. In general this is caused when the magent is periodically catching on the lower track that has the red o ring on it. These are two seperate parts that should freely rotate.
I have had the some problem.
I also cleaned the calcium off of the unit by soaking it in vinegar without success.
I solved the problem removing the red o-ring.
Now the pump work from 3 week without the red o-ring.
Do you tasks that will be some problem in the future without the o-ring?
thank you.
The red oring is primarily a vibration dampner. It is however critical to keeping the proper spacing for the brake shoes to operate as designed. It sounds to me like the same problem, the bottom bearing/bushing that the magnet rotates in is not free. Try turning the two pieces in your hand, they should spin freely on each other. By removing the oring you allowed the magnet to just spin with the bushing and so that is why it fixed the problem. This isn't a good solution as it uses more electricity and makes the pump run warmer.
thank you for your prompt answer.
Before remove the oring I have already well clean all the pieces and they spin freely on each other.
I heve tried about ten times to start the pump open/clean the pump but the only solution is to remove the oring.
If the problem is only to use more electricity and run the pump warmer I can accept it.
In my precedent tank i had two 7410 and one 7210 but these pumps did not have these problems with calcium deposit.
I run it for 3 years without clean it.
Thank you.
Perhaps one of the brake shoes is damaged or not properly retracting and engaging and this is why it works when the O-ring is removed- the brakes are no longer in the proper position to operate. The problem with this condition would be the potential for the propeller to spin backwards.
Since posting I have been soaking my Stream on and off in straight vinager as well as pulling the o-ring out and cleaning under it. To date I haven't had much luck fixing the problem...I have however destroyed the break shoes. Any chance I can send the unit in to be inspected (and hopefully repaired) by someone more qualified then myself?

Send it to

Tunze USA
1107 N Bend Dr
Austin TX 78758

I am the only one here so it isn't necessary to put to anyones attention. Expect I can have it repaired and returned in 24hrs usually. In some instances if I cannot find a definitive cause I may choose to keep it for another 24hrs for testing. Returning it by ground UPS is no charge, if you desire any other service you will pay the difference in shipping expense.
Thanks Roger,
I've been without it for a few weeks as I've tried to take care of it on my own (Never a good idea) so it's no rush.

I'll get it out in the mail later today.