albino tang


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any one know wher i can get one of thies. and the price.
That exact one you have pictured sold on Ebay direct from Hawaii at the buy it now price of $400 a few months ago. It was listed for a few days with the starting bid of $250 and no bites. Your best bet finding them is by contacting sellers in Hawaii, or having your LFS go through his Hawaii guy... Keep in mind that these are very rare and very tough to come by. Also, most all are collected when nearly full grown... not the normal yellow tang size...

Here's a few shots of two other specimens... one in the wild and one that was for sale on line a few years ago... I'm a nut when it comes to saving my images :D

Shown below is my yellow Zebrasoma scopas... what I call a poor man's gem tang :D
I think the guy who sold that one is the same guy I got this guy from. As Copps said they are very rare and are ususally collected large.

lol now that is cool.. did you leave a magic marker in the tank? lol

is that tang in your tank? do you have a pic?
Now that guy is interesting... did you get that from the same place? I don't remember the name, but they're on the east side of Oahu... anyway it looks small...

By the way, do any of you guys have images of the ORANGE form of Z. flavescens? I've seen them before but have no images...

Anyway... here's a couple more whacky Zebrasoma...

PR: Yeah, it looks like someone took a magic marker to it.

Copps: Yes it is small and yes it from the same place if it is RT. How many pictures do you have on your computer? You're always pulling them out left and right.
Too many Stefan... I've been a nut for years when it comes to some fish... By the way, on top of my images, I even saved the ebay link for that specimen sold above :D

Here's a few more Zebrasoma shots, the first one being another wild shot of a Z. flavescens xanthic variant... this one off the Kona Coast of the Big Island... The third is a specimen that Sea Dwelling got... they said straight up it's a Z. scopas/ Z. flavescens hybrid... don't know what studies have been done on these guys... I head to Kauai, Maui, and Oahu next month and then to Micronesia... over three weeks in total... if I could only be so lucky to see one of these... :) I'll have my housing to document anything :)

most if not all yellow tang morphs or hybrids are coming from kona (or atleast the big island) not to many or none are coming from the other islands. RT buys a lot from the big island so he gets those morphs more often then anyone!

i've seen the achilles x goldrim a lot but never yellow morphs..

a local diver caught a tinkers x saddleback hybrid the other day.. wicked cool!!! first one ever found. i think the waikiki aquarium is taking it but not sure. They tend to kill fish to do studies, and it is way to nice to kill IMO.

i've also seen a lot of black x scopas hybrids.. they look OK. not as black as black tangs though :)
the one that sold on ebay from hawaii I am proud to post is doing very well my brother bought it and has it in his reef tank in st george utah he has named her princess it has been very cool to watch the yellow spots gets bigger and then goes smaller and even changes places somtimes at one point it had a yellow streak along the back edge of its fins and then it went away to a all white tail when he gets back this week from the dive trip I will see if I can get him to post some pictures