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This guy has got to have the most personality in the tank. I was watching him chase a strand of cheato around the tank. Skipping rock to rock like a cat chasing a laser pointer. He is just to funny. One more reason I love this hobby.


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I'll quote myself.

My favorite fish in my tank right now is the Lawnmower Blenny (sailfin). He dances around the tank when we look at him. He comes right up to the glass and looks straight at you, then starts dancing. I also love his chameleon effect, he goes from white in the sand, to brown in the caves to purple next to the coraline.

I had some trouble feeding him at first, he wouldn't eat anything. Took 2 weeks before I found out pure spirula was the way to go, by then he was getting frighteningly skinny. Now after 3 months, he eats my home made frozen foods, nori and spirula flakes; he's now a fat, gluttonous (profanity) and I love him.

EDIT: Ohh, I forgot to add. He plays hide and seek with the cat. I am not joking when I say this. He'll come out of the cave, spot the cat then disappear into the rock work. He'll change color and slowly creep up to the top of the rocks so the cat doesn't see him. Then after a minute or so he'll jet down right where the cat is. When she jumps at the glass to catch him he just stays there looking at her and might do a little dance before going back into the rock work. And he starts all over as long as the cat is near the tank.

I work on a camp over the 53rd, so I'm not home to take videos. But when I get back on days off I'll make it a priority to film the duo. It's quite entertaining!