algae dilemma


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Alright over the past few weeks i have been getting a red mat of algae covering my sand bed. I have done water changes and all paremeters are normal. I have just been peeling it up and throwing it away...dont know what else to do. I mean i could frame it and mount it on the wall, but why would i do that. the trash is much easier. The tank has been running since the first of the year and this is the first real problem i have encountered. Anyone have any suggestions? Current stock list encludes 2 fire clowns been in for over a month, 2 green chromis and a lawnmower blenny added yesterday. 10 snails and 5 it possible my cleanup crew isnt big enough
That would be cyano. and actualy the more water changes you do the worse it will get.You need to do a tds check of your ro/di water source.Cyano. feeds on silica and that is coming from your water.

Grey Reefer

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Run some Phosban in your tank (if you're not already).That should take care of any excess Po4 and silica. What kind of snails do you have? I swear by Mexican Turbo snails. They will eat just about anything. Do you have a skimmer on the tank? Running some Carbon probably wouldn't hurt either. Seachem makes SeaGel which is a nice combo of Phosban and Carbon. Also how long do you keep your lights on? You might want to cut down on how long the lights are on until the cyano is under control.