Algae is making me pull my hair out

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I have been battling algae for months now. I was able to get rid of the hair algae by raising my mag. levels, chalk one up for me. But I have this very short(.25 inch) bright green algae that grows in tufts that has such a firm grab on the rock that I can only pull a few strands out at a time. I also have scroll algae that I can't get rid of. I've used ro/di since day one, nitrates at zero thanks to a big ball of chaeto in my sump. Phosphates read zero, most likely due to the algae using that up. I have had a phosban reactor for 2 months or more now which doesn't seem to be doing much(unless I'm impatient and it takes longer to see an effect from the phosban reactor). I am thinking about taking a couple pieces of rock out at a time an putting them in my QT tank with a powerhead and lights out in a closet for a few days to kill off the algae. Has anyone tried this and if so, were you successful? Should I expect the algae to come right back after it comes back in contact with the light? My tank is not overrun by algae by any means and only a few rocks will need to be taken out, maybe 15 lbs out of 100. Any imput will be appreciated.


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I killed mine by running fresh water over it right in the sink. I was sick of it and had to do something and it worked. That was 6 months ago. I didn't soak the whole rock or anything, I just ran water over the bad part. It was that little short green stuff that's tuffer than a beard.
I'll probably get hammered on here for mentioning this idea.