Algae on SPS


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I am having some issues with this red algae growing on this acro, can someone identify it for me, the algae start to grow in my fuge and slowly spread into the back wall and on th sand surface of the main tank, now it just start to grow on the sps. None of the snails or tangs would touch it.




SCMAS Logistics and IT
Looks like red slime to me. Siphon it out and/or use red slime remover then water change. But try to siphon first. Chemicals are a last resort.


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It's actually a bacteria, not algae and can spread fairly easily. I agree to siphon off as much as possible and look at water chemistry, like phosphates to fix the problem. I would definately get it siphoned off that acro asap. Better circulation in dead spots will help keep it from settling on corals. Good luck.