Algea Turf Scrubber


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I have an Algea Turf scrubber that has 2 screens the first month was good but now I grow more cyno then I do anything else. It seems to be more cyno growing on the screens now, didn't do anything different. I changed the bulbs to LED 5K think it was the 5k compact but no difference.

Does anyone have a clue of what may be causing this? It's dual screened with 4 bulbs and ran with a mag 18 and runs roughly 20".


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Sounds like your current setup may not have enough nutrients to support what you once had. Maybe you could cut the screens down or start feeding more.


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Can you share a picture. Even if my ATS 'wanted' to grow cyano, the flow rate would immediately strip it off.

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There is a very active discussion on ATS in the Advanced Topics section here.
I'm sure you would do better there.
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