Ali is simply AMAZING!


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Gotta give it up to Ali @ Amazing reef in Orange. He's just the nicest guy in town and always finds me what I want. Most lfs will say, "I'll look for it at the wholesalers" but never do. Ali is always on the ball. Everytime someone else fail, Ali always come through. Just wanted to share my experience!


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I had him find me a possum wrasse. This one even has yellow stripes! I'll get a picture up as soon as he comes outta the rock work. I hear they are very shy.


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I just picked up a red tailed trigger from him. Pretty sweet and so far gets along with all my fish and not pecking at anything.


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definitely agree. He's forgotten things for me once or twice before, but always made it up with quality stuff in the end. It's great to have such a class place so close to home.


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Now if he'd only buy the beer! :beer:


Thats what im sayin. He has the the leather couches now he just needs to keep the fridge full of beer. lol. +1 on ali's store! Awesome coral selection!

badbones - How bout a pic of that trigger?