Alkalinity and Hair Algea


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My KH is 13 and there is hair algea sprotting every where.

The tank just finished cycling. So I added marine buffer to correct the PH, but now the alk is too high. I don't really know what to do. I syphoned out most of the HA and shut the lights off, I have algone and phosphate remover in my Cannister to remove Nitrates and silicates. I use RO as well. I do not have a CUC yet.

Is all this normal ....?


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go here and scroll down to solving common problems. read carefully, and follow Randy's suggestions - he's the guru on this. If I was posting in big, red, friendly letters I would say DON'T PANIC. Since you're still in the beginning stages you won't lose anything. Follow the directions and let things settle down/in. after that you can add your cuc check with these guys and go to the custom cleanup crew link. they'll take it from there.