Alkalinity HIGH!!!!


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Hey guys,
I need help with my alkalinity. I just got the Elos Test kit and did everything exactly as it states. My alkalinity is at 15-16 dKH. How would i go about lowering it? My parameters are as follows: Magnesium: 1200 and Calcium: 400. Let me know and thanks in advance!



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water changes, and stop dosing alk, if you have some Calcium, dose it as it will bring down your alk. helped on mine when i had a spiike of 16 dkh before. It was nice meeting you today, Will right? hows that sps doing. lol i thought it was funny how you walked out then came back in all of a sudden lol


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check your mag too, if it is low add and it will add in si the system to use the allk. I had the sam happen to me with my reactor. it took me a month to get it down to 10 DKH. do water changes but like reefski"s said do it slow.


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on the kh card in the box does it say 1=0.5dkh? If so, your kh would be 7.5-8. There are a few with instruction sheets that have a typo but the card is correct and other parts of the instruction sheet is correct as well.


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I used it 2 time and it was down to .15 way better then .53 when you tested it...:) it really works thanks....

when you coming by?
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