Alkalinity too high?


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Hi everone
I'm still kinda new to the hobby and I'm wondering if the alkalinity in the FOWLR (no fish yet) tank is too high to add the livestock this moment it is 0.05ml's or 5.43 meq/L or 15.2 KH
if this is way too can I go about lowering it quickly but safely...suppose to pick the fish up tommorow from the LFS and don't won't any casualties due to stupidity on my part.
Thanks in advance for any and all comments and or suggestions:)



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It may drop on it's own. Watch it for a couple of days. Did you increase your Calcium? That can cause this


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adding Cal and Mag to increase them cause they were a bit low
Cal 360
Mag 1150
all other reading in the tank are ok
ph 8.3
phos 0.4
Nitrate 0
Ammo 0
Nitrite 0
Salinity 1.023
so is it ok to add the fish at this time?


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If the tank is fowlr, I would not be worried about the levels of calcium or mag you have indicated. Would recommend a water change to restore balanced chemistry before adding fish.



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Virginia, you should be fine for fish.

What brand of salt are you using , also what brand alk test kit ?