All glass aquarium cracked on bottom


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There’s about a ft long crack that looks like it was started by a rock falling. The inside crack is rough, and the crack follows through to the drilled sump holes. Any idea if I’m able to support the bottom of the tank with a piece of plywood, and can seal a new place of glass over the crack to prevent leaking? It’s a 280 gallon.

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Compromised. Integrity issue there.
Can you fix, sure, will it hold…….maybe.
Cant be trusted, it’s not 20g, it’s 280g.
If it fails, damage would be extensive.
Sorry, I would not sleep well on that.


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Agreed- it's very tough to accept, but I'd say that tank is history. You might try sealing it by any number of the typical rigged methods, letting it stand with water for a month or so (in a safe place) and see what happens, but even then- a week, a month, a year- not a risk I would take.


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I suppose I was just hoping that because it is a bottom pane crack that an extra piece of plywood or 2 would be able to sustain any pressure on the cracked glass on the base level, and that by sealing a second piece of glass over it, it would prevent leaks. But you are right - scary to think about it not working. Maybe someone in the local Arizona area will have a better idea of how to do a full replacement on the piece of glass.