all glass aquariums? Tempered?


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Well i purchased a 40 breeder and wasn't sure if the tank was tempered. It doesn't have a sticker saying tempered but i don't want my tank to shatter. I was told if its made by all glass then your can drill it. I need some feedback before i start this project.



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Where are you planning to drill? The sides, front, and back should be ok as they aren't tempered on a AGA 40. The bottom I'm not sure about, but I know on the larger tanks they are ussually tempered.


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I have same tank for sump and will be drilling it as well. I don't think it's tempered, based on what I found here Aqueon Site Check out the Catalog Specs link to a PDF document that lists if the bottoms are tempered and the note talks about drilling. I'm assuming that means the sides aren't tempered since they only seem to worry about the bottoms.


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i called all glass aquariums and they told that the 40 breeder is all glass, no tempered glass.. pretty sick.. just to let you know... its time to drill!!!


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If tanks are tempered it is usually the bottom, but contact the manufacturer first on any tank in question, or you might have a tank that will soon be glass particles!!:eek1: :eek2: