All purpose fish disease treatment???


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I know, that sounds like i'm asking for it. But, really something is wrong with both of my clownfish today and I don't know what. They were fine last night and then I fed them storebought fresh salmon, and today I think their eyes might be a tad swollen, it's easier to see on the orange one. Also, they are hiding under the anemone instead of swimming in it.

The anemone also got salmon, but looks fine this morning. I'm at a loss here, don't know what might be wrong. I have an empty 10g tank I could fill if I need to.

Help. :(


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I would be careful about feeding Salmon. The fat content seems to be a bit high for what I think Clown should get. The same reason that people loose clown fry when feeding nothing but BBS, fat deposits in the brain and causes problems. But then again this is just my opinion, I am sure that someone will have a rebuttal.

As far as an all around med ..... sorry most meds are specific. But perhaps the closest med would be copper, again an opinion.



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Hi tyler,

Well, I usually just feed prime reef flakes and spectrum interchangeably. I will get some mysis soon, and maybe some of the stuff to soak it in (selcon?)

I tested my parms and everything looks ok. I did a water change anyhow, and they are seeming a bit more active. I also shut the light off. I think they are ok, but i'll check later and see if they look funny to me. I might be imagining the eye thing. I'm a hypochondriac :/