Alpheus randalli


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Anybody keep this species? If so, how hardy are they, and how well do they pair with shrimp gobies? I'm thinking about pairing them with yasha gobies. Thanx.


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I can't answer about their hardiness but they are the easiest shrimp to pair with gobies. Unlike some alpheids which will only pair with one or two species of goby these will pair with most anything.


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I have one with a High fin goby. They paired up the day I added the goby. I also have a yellow alpheus shrimp with a yellow watchman goby. They two pairs live directly opposite each other (6-7" apart) and the colour co-ordination of the pairs is so wonderful to see when both gobies are kepping watch while the shrimps do thier housekeeping.


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the randalli is very easy to keep. The Hi-Fin or the Yasha gobies will be a perfect match. Here is a pic of mine, enjoy:


Bye Erik