Am I Being Impatient?


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Last night my wife and I completely redid the aquascape on the tank. The old one was looking over crowded and it looked like someone dumped a bucket of rocks in there. Naturally the water was very cloudy due to everything getting stirred up. This morning the water still seemed cloudier than I would have liked.

I also ditched the canister filter, so my current means of mechanical filtration are a protein skimmer, phosphate reactor, and powerheads. Is this just a case of "canister filter syndrome" or am I just being impatient?

Here are some before and after pictures. Please feel free to comment. Thanks!


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Plug your canister back in filled with floss. Pillow stuffing from wallyworld works great. Run it for a few hours and it will clear right up.


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Agreed, it'll clear up in due time, but putting your canister back online with some filter floss will clear it up quicker.


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And once that's cleared up, ditch them. You've got a skimmer that will do a far better job of keeping your tank clean.


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Rockscape looks great how did you secure everything?

Thanks. Actually everything is just sitting on top of each other pretty securely. Still have some diatom bloom. Hoping the reactor will help clear things up. I feel pretty insecure about the canister. Just old school I guess.