Am I feeding too much...


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After 2 weeks my clowns have doubled in size. Is this normal (didn't know they grew that fast or am I feeding too much?


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This is a tough question to answer however feeding too much will eventually have negative affects on your tanks chemistry and cause a host of issues like cyano and nuisance. I feed my fish once every OTHER day and this seems to be fine. It also lessens my risk for built up excess nutrients that will cause the problems that I mention above. In short, fish growth in my opinion should not be your primary concern.

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A) Your fish don't grow, for the most part, because you feed them more or less (except maybe for fat or skinny). But young, small fish do 'seem' to get bigger quickly.

B) You should never feed more than the fish will eat with in a few minutes after you have put the food in the water. For clowns, once a day is good, if you feed twice a day, make sure all the food is eaten very quickly, and feeding every other day is OK if the fish are not very young, very small, underweight (skinny) or unhealthy.

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a good rule of thumb is to feed just enough to be totally consumed in 3 mins.